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Sample Work

Just ask if you would like to see samples.
Asset Management
  • Budget tools and customized forecasting workbooks
  • Rent analysis and comps
  • Op Ex Analysis 
  • Utility Analysis 
  • Mentoring staff in asset and property management best practices, reading financials, industry standards and resources.​
  • Monthly review of financials: tracking budget to actual, identifying concerns
Tools created:
  • Electronic Deal book
  • REO tied to operating analysis
  • Project and Portfolio Dashhboards
  • Reporting formats for board and funders
  • Workflow and tracking tools. 

Retention of project details is impossible for staff when they can't find the document or resources they need.  They are afloat in an unending barrage of different excel workbooks, stored in emails, on desktops, on One Drives, on Sharepoints, on servers... version control alone is enough of a pain but add this to the number of templates required by the batch of government agencies your staff works with.  The loss of great talent hunting down missing data over and over again. It's beyond the organizational skills of any one human.  The pressure of deadlines and technology fatigue are both tied to burnout.  Not being equipped with the right tools will make anyone give up.  

The AM App tool will make the job easier every time you use it. 

Rent and Income limits, key terminology, industry standards, benchmarks, op ex comps and metrics become exponentially more valuable when viewable on the same screen alongside your properties. Learning projects and portfolio this way translates to savviness and builds on holistic discussions and decision-making.  It also means your staff is not left abandoned in the sea of open windows and tabs, surfing apps and websites and popups.  This tool supports focus on a property through dashboards designed to teach the fundamentals of asset management.  This will help enormously  with onboarding or transitioning staff. 

We're drowning in too many data sources. It takes multiple conversations just to assemble key project info, dates, terms of key documents to support making a decision. 

With FirstPause access to narratives, key dates, lenders and partners, operating income and expenses, performance analysis, lifecycle planning, workouts and re-fi and investor exits. 


All artwork by Aric Maddux

Happy to share samples, please contact me here.
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