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About Us

Who We Are:  It’s me, Jane.  I’ve spent over 30 years in asset management, property operations, development and preservation of affordable multifamily housing.  In addition, I am a visual artist.  I’ve assembled a small team of folks with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Together, we are Two Cents, LLC and we are building relevant, usable technology tools to help assist your team in managing your portfolio.  

What We Do: We build beautiful, accessible and high-functioning tools. We scale these to your portfolio and staff size to identify what is important, name the problem and help you design reasonable, measurable and doable solutions.  We focus on where we can help you to be more effective on the oversight of your property operations.   


Why We Do It: I've witnessed so many intelligent, hard-working people chase their tails trying to keep up with the demands of this industry. I see nonprofits hamstrung by underutilized software systems. What I know is this: Asset Management is only getting tougher. Our portfolios are ageing; resources are scarcer than ever; staff burnout and turnover is rampant.  In the wake of the pandemic and the escalation of political, economic, class and race issues; mission-based work is more complex than ever. Never has it been more important. 

How We Do It:  I’ve worked with small and large organizations, all of them nonprofits or government agencies.  I know the tools of our trade -- the processes, the regulations, the reports, the software.   

Our team will work with yours, whether that means mentoring and capacity building or facilitating a better working relationship with property management, the goal is to equip you to stay on top of opportunities and a step ahead of risks. 

Could we help you?  Let's talk.  


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